Designed in Japan and produced in china, zestino is able to achieve outstanding performance whilst offering class leading value. Since 2019, Anglo American oil company has been the exclusive distributor for zestino tyres and has quickly established the brand as the most popular drift tyre in the country. On the back of the successes in drifting and from the word of mouth by happy customers, zestino is quickly becoming the go to track day and racing tyre.

Our business began in the domestic market, cooperated with well-known domestic tyre companies, Chengshan and Triangle.


Transferred concentration and focused on high-performance tyres, we are the second company in China to produce high-performance tyres.


Started R&D and produce studded winter tyres, we are the first company in China to produce this type of tyre.


Started R&D and produce MT tyres, we are the first company in China to produce MT tyres.


Developed semi-slick tyres and became an industry leading company in China within the racing tyre market.


Diversified product line, added rally tyres.


Launched drag racing tyre ST400.


Started the development and production of full-slick tyres.


Launched Victas series ZS01 Z6 Z8 in March and color smoke tyre in January.


Launched dirt track racing tyre.


Our Focus

At present, Zestino’s products cover, drifting tyre, road racing tyre, circuit racing tyre, time attack tyre, endurance race tyre, rally tyre, drag race tyre, vintage car tyre, high-performance street use tyre etc. Whilst our main focus in the UK is on supplying the Semi Slick range for track days and drifting, we will soon start to explore these other areas too.

Launching in the early part of 2024 – our ride & replant program is the first of its kind and will lead the way when it comes to enjoying the fun of driving on tracks whilst helping to offset the impact these activities have on our planet. For every Zestino tyre that is sold in the UK, we pledge to plant 1 tree which will absorb carbon as it grows. We have partnered with carma.earth to provide the planting and through the Green Task Force, work is also given to UK veterans who help plant some of the trees.

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Distributed in the UK by Anglo American Oil Company ltd 

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