Zestino has had a passion for drifting since its beginnings, which has resulted in the creation of the Acrova 07A drift tyre.

This tyre incorporates the same tread pattern design as the Gredge series tyre, but with an additional 3mm of tread depth to enhance its durability during drifting. The underlying idea is straightforward: more rubber equals more fun!

The Acrova 07A tyre provides exceptional traction during acceleration and enables a seamless transition while drifting. It’s no wonder that the Acrova 07A has become the most sought-after drift tyre in the United Kingdom.

Drift Pro Championship

In 2022, 23 out of 25 DRIFTPRO championship podiums were made up by drivers using the Acrova 07A tyre and for the 2023 season, we are pleased to announce a partnership with the series which will see the Zestino Acrova 07A become the control tyre used by all competitors.

We are also delighted to partner with Driftleague GB to become the official tyre partner of the series.

What makes a good drift tyre?

Whilst non-drifters might think that a good drift tyre should have low levels of grip in order to make drifting easier, the reality is that for competition drifting the opposite is actually true. Drivers want to feel the acceleration and continuously pickup speed whilst drifting in order to drive away from their opponents so grip is very important.

Here are the top 5 most important qualities of a good drift tyre:

If you are competing in drift competitions or simply wish to purchase in bulk for practice days. please email zestino@aaoil.co.uk or call the office to discuss bulk buying for the best prices.

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