Zestino Gredge 07R Tyre


Designed and tested in Japan, The Zestino Gredge 07R road-legal, semi-slick tyre is designed to be the ultimate value track, offering similar levels of performance to those you would expect from a premium tyre brand at a fraction of the cost.

Suitable for track days or competition use
Road legal – E marked
MSA listed – 1c 2020
MSA listed – 1b 2021,2022,2023
Treadwear 240

The medium compound Gredge 07R is the perfect tyre for drivers who are looking at making the move from road tyres to a semi-slick for the first time, or for drivers who are willing to sacrifice a small level of grip for a longer-lasting tyre. For drivers looking for the ultimate performance and to set the fastest lap times, we recommend choosing the soft compound Gredge 07RS.

For advice on tyres, please email or call the office on 01929 551557 (opt 1).

Note: Caution should be taken in extreme wet conditions, as semi-slick tyres are not designed to dissipate the same volume of standing water as regular road tyres.


Tyre Size: Available From
205/45/16 Later in 2024
205/45/17 Later in 2024
235/45/17 Later in 2024
245/40/17 Later in 2024
255/40/17 Later in 2024
235/45/18 Later in 2024



195/50ZR15, 205/50ZR15, 205/45ZR16, 205/40ZR17, 205/45ZR17, 215/40ZR17, 215/45ZR17, 225/45ZR17, 235/40ZR17, 245/40ZR17, 255/40ZR17, 225/40ZR18, 235/40ZR18, 235/45ZR18, 255/35ZR18, 265/35ZR18, 285/35ZR18, 235/35ZR19


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